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hearing loss

the symptoms...

Background noise in meetings and restaurants severely affects your ability to carry on a conversation.

Trouble hearing the doorbell or telephone.

Watching television with the volume turned up to a level uncomfortable for others.

Not hearing people entering the room.

Inability understanding what people are saying.

Difficulty identifying where sounds are coming from.

Unable to hear speaker in large group settings, i.e. church or public gatherings.

the types...


On average, this kind of age-related hearing loss affects about 30% of those over 65 years of age, and about 50% of those over 75. Ths kind of hearing loss can be treated but is not reversible.


The second common type of hearing loss is often the result of damage or a blockage in the outer or middle ear. Most cases of Conductive Hearing Loss can be treated medically, and many times our patients are helped with a simple cleaning.

the severity...

MILD (25-40 dB)

Difficulty hearing soft sounds and understanding speech in noisy environments.

MODERATE (40-70 dB)

Difficulty folling conversations in places such as restaurants and parties.

SEVERE (70-85 dB)

Difficulty hearing any group conversation even in quiet environments. People have to raise their voices to be heard. Communication requires great effor for both the speaker and the listener.


Only the loudest sounds can be heard making communication almost impossible.