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hearing aid problems?

This is not a simple volume increase or cleaning. We perform a 

thorough audiogram while the patient is wearing the hearing aids

and fit them precisely to the new results. There is a 90-day

guarantee on all adjustments.


Having a properly adjusted hearing aid is just as important as

choosing the right one. We encourage out patients to see us as

often as necessary to keep their hearing aids performing at the 

highest possible level. We also find that many hearing aid users 

would benefit less from a new hearing aid if their current one was

tuned for their changing needs. Before purchasing a new aid,

visit us for an adjustment; we may be able to save you the time

and money of being fitted with a new hearing aid.



In Warranty: Free

All of our hearing aids come with a 2-3 year warranty. There is no

charge for adjustments and office visits during that time.


Expired Warranty: $125

If you purchased a hearing aid through us and it's out of warranty,

you receive a significant discount on adjustments.


New Patient: $200

Bring in your hearing aids purchased through other dealers to have

them properly adjusted.